Image of Director
Deana Pagnozzi

Steering a mission that channels the Rutgers standards of excellence into high quality overnight and meeting experiences, Deana sets the course that guests, the University, and the community expect. Advancing Inn facilities and guests services, collaborating campus department accommodations, and operating with a keen eye on fiscal responsibility, Deana leads the big picture in making the Inn an impressionable part of your Rutgers experience.

Image of Conference Services Manager
Donna Binstein
Conference Services Manager

For meshing all the critical details that go into staging a successful group event, Donna makes it all possible. From initial contact, to detail planning, to the day of your program, to invoicing and payment, Donna is your event coordination expert, and single contact solution.

Image of Operations Manager
Janet O’Beirne
Operations Manager

Like a symphony conductor orchestrating an outstanding performance, Janet is our chief of the day-to-day. Leader, supervisor and fine-tuner, Janet integrates people and facilities to seamlessly impart a memorable, and meaningful experience with each guest, on every visit. Including your time with us now.

Image of Guest Relations Agent
Joanne Vadola Leaf
Guest Relations Agent

A natural for delivering customer expectations, Joanne beings a passion that ensures every guest enjoys their time with us. Whether you’re here for overnight accommodations, or hosting a single or multi-day conference, Joanne is your lead to an exceptional Inn experience. 

Image of Part Time Supervisor
Gary O'Brien
Part Time Supervisor

Great teams have that go-to person that provides the supervisory cover to keep staff, guests and events on course during non-standard hours. Gary fills that role at the Inn, helping ensure the Inn experience is one guests will choose to repeat many times over.

Image of Evening/Weekend Supervisor
Adriana Crisafi
Evening/Weekend Supervisor

Adriana is on site during evening and weekend hours to make sure the Inn runs seamlessly. She works in collaboration with our housekeeping team ensuring rooms are ready for our guests. As the leader of our student staff, she hires and trains our front line, so they are ready to serve.

Image of Custodial Lead
Ayman Soliman
Custodial Lead

When things need to be done within our facilities to ensure exceptional guest experiences, Ayman is our go-to. From in-room maintenance, to conference setup and technology, Ayman is your staff member who will handle the Inn’s needs.

Student Staff

Residence Coordinators provide support services to overnight guests, conference attendees, and meeting organizers. Stationed at the front reception desk, Residence Coordinators interact direOur Residence Coordinator team members provide support services to overnight guests, conference attendees, and meeting organizers. Their role at the front desk allows them to interact directly with guests from around the world, providing a high level of assistance and attention.

Our RCs are full time Rutgers students, with a wide variety of majors and class years. Below, see our current roster of RCs and learn a little about each student. We ARE part of the Division of Continuing Studies and Lifelong Learning is in our blood. Check out what each RC hopes to learn from working at the Inn.

Image of Resident Coordinator
Nicholas Chung
Resident Coordinator

Major: Human Resources Management

Minor: Business Administration

Year: Senior 

Languages Spoken: English an Korean

“Hoping to create meaningful relationships and hone my people & communication skills”

Image of Resident Coordinator
Sarah Chung
Resident Coordinator

Major: Information Technology and Informatics

Year: Sophomore

Languages Spoken: English and Korean

“I have already learned so much from this experience, but I hope to continue to not only learn how to work in a professional environment, but also meet and network with those around me.”

Image of Resident Coordinator
Kaytlin Gomez
Resident Coordinator

Major: Communications and English 

Year: Junior 

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, and ASL

"In this front desk role, I aim to enhance my problem-solving skills and adaptability. I am looking forward to learning how to handle diverse guest requests with professionalism and grace." 

Image of Resident Coordinator
Shelby Han
Resident Coordinator

Major: Supply Chain and Bait

Year: Sophomore

Languages Spoken: Korean and English

“I want to learn how to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for guests, anticipate their needs, and provide exceptional service.”

Image of Resident Coordinator
Eric Son
Resident Coordinator

Major: Filmmaking

Year: Senior 

Languages Spoken: English an Korean

"I have already learned so many things from the Inn such as customer service/satisfaction, resilience, and overall quality work ethics. However, there are more things I wish to improve on including but not limited to refining my skills. I also hope to learn experience on talking with customers and strangers as I believe it would help me with networking in the future."

Image of Resident Coordinator
Jordan Warner
Resident Coordinator

Major: Social Work

Year: Junior

Languages Spoken: English

I am hoping to learn and gain valuable experience in providing excellent customer service and working collaboratively within a team. I want to further develop my problem-solving skills by addressing various challenges that may arise in a hospitality setting. I aim to improve my communication skills, both written and oral, as effective communication is crucial in delivering a positive guest experience.