Employment Opportunities

Student Residence Coordinators | Junior, Senior & Graduate Level Rutgers Students

Project Coordinator II | Staff & Executive - Administrative & Support

Unit Coordinator | Staff & Executive - Administrative & Support



What Guest Say About our Staff and the Inn

"The best aspects are the location, value for money & helpful and friendly staff. The students working in the Inn were most helpful. :) " - Overnight Guest


"The front desk personnel were informative and helpful. The room was attractive and clean. I was very pleased." Is there anything else you would like to share?  "Affordable, beautiful scenery, warm staff, nicely decorated room, very clean and close enough to walk to the center city." - Overnight Guest


What Students Say About the Inn and their Experience

A student should apply for this experience for three reasons. First, it can polish your resume. This is a special experience that a student can talk about during application and interview to show their versatile abilities and strong communication skills. Second, this can also help students to cultivate their leadership and troubleshooting skills. Third, RUICC provides detailed training that can allow students to get more hands-on experiences without stressing out about what to do." - Melody


"Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed my time. I learned a great deal while I was working as a resident coordinator at Rutgers University Inn and Conference center. It is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to avail it." - Adeela K.