Meet the Staff

Our cheerful, service-oriented staff is always here to serve your needs.


    Donna Binstein | Conference Services Manager

      For meshing all the critical details that go into staging a successful
     group event, Donna makes it all possible. From initial contact,
     to detail planning, to the day of your program, to invoicing and payment,
     Donna is your event coordination expert, and single contact solution.






    Deana Pagnozzi | Director

      Steering a mission that channels the Rutgers standards of excellence
     into high quality overnight and meeting experiences, Deana sets the course
     that guests, the University, and the community expect. Advancing
     Inn facilities and guests services, collaborating campus department
     accommodations, and operating with a keen eye on fiscal responsibility,
     Deana leads the big picture in making the Inn an impressionable
     part of your Rutgers experience.





    Maria Panlilio | Operations Manager

      Like a symphony conductor orchestrating an outstanding performance,
     Maria is our chief of the day-to-day. Leader, supervisor and fine-tuner,
     Maria integrates people and facilities to seamlessly impart a memorable,
     and meaningful experience with each guest, on every visit.
     Including your time with us now.






    James West | Custodial Group Leader

      When things need to be done within our facilities to
     ensure exceptional guest experiences, James is our go-to.
     From in-room maintenance, to conference set up and technology,
     James is your staff member who will handle what you need.






    Tiffany Lorincz | Supervisor, Weekends and Evenings

     There’s a knack for successfully working with student staff members,
     part-time employees, and overseeing events to ensure they
     run smoothly. At the Inn, Tiffany is our support champion.
     She’s there when you need her.






    Janet O’Beirne | Guest Relations Agent

      A natural for delivering customer expectations, Janet brings a passion
     that ensures every guest enjoys their time with us. Whether you’re here
     for overnight accommodations, or hosting a single or multi-day
     conference, Janet is your lead to an exceptional Inn experience.






    Lisa Dames | Supervisor, Weekends and Evenings

      Great teams have that go-to person that provides the supervisory
     cover to keep staff, guests and events on course during non-standard
     hours. Lisa fills that role at the Inn, helping ensure your
     Rutgers Inn experience is worth repeating many times over.







Student Residence Coordinators

Senior and graduate level students having leadership experience with strong interpersonal, critical thinking and communication skills. Welcomes guests to the front desk and provides guest and conference assistance during non-business hours.


    Atul Chandra

      Hometown: Patna, India
     Native language: Hindi
     Home last: December 2017

     Masters Degree in Information Technology and Analytics
     Graduate: December 2018

     Apple or PC: PC
     Starbucks or Dunkin: Dunkin



    Adeela Khatoon

      Hometown: Doha, Qatar
     Native language: Urdu
     Home last: Winter Break 2017

     Mechanical Engineering
     Graduate: Winter 2018

     Apple or PC: PC
     Starbucks or Dunkin: Starbucks



    Navira Ali

     Hometown: Woodbridge, NJ
     Native language: Urdu
     Home last: Summer

     Economics and Marketing
     Graduate: 2021

     Apple or PC: PC
     Starbucks or Dunkin: Starbucks



    Dominique Braitwaite

     Hometown: Washington, DC
     Native language: English
     Home last: Summer

     Human Resource Management and Labor Employment Relations
     Graduate: January 2019

     Apple or PC: Apple
     Starbucks or Dunkin: Starbucks